I am a Sir Henry Wellcome fellow at UCL, Genetics Institute and the Francis Crick Institute working on Statistical and Population Genetics. I am a member of Garrett Hellenthal’s group (UCL) and Pontus Skoglund’s group (Crick).

Research interests

I am interested in developing powerful statistical tools that utilise the rapidly growing numbers of genomes of modern and ancient people to reconstruct our shared genetic past.

Our genomes can, for instance, inform us about past migrations, introgression with Neanderthals and other extinct hominids, and adaptation to environmental or lifestyle changes throughout human history. In particular, I am interested in understanding how evolutionary forces have shaped our genetic differences and how these may impact our health.


January 2023

Book chapter on reconstructing genealogies with ancient DNA was published.

January 2023

Paper looking at selection acting on old deletion polymorphisms in the human genome was published.

June 2022

Paper looking at the last 100,000 years of wolf evolution was published.

May 2022

We published a paper looking, among others, at selection evidence in type 2 diabetes using associations from a large multi-ancestry GWAS study.

April 2022

Preprint looking at evidence of selection at genomic deletion polymorphisms.

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